Purchase my Figure Sculpting Scale Guides

The IMD Scale Guides have been designed with figure sculptors in mind. They combine a selection of popular scales from standard wargaming sizes up to larger collectable scales.

Offering both human and horse profiles they help the sculptor size their figures to the common “standard” sizes.

The Horse template features 3 horses for each scale, a steppe pony, a normal horse and a Warhorse.

Produced in 1.3mm laminate sheet, this scale guide is an investment any figure sculptor will find useful.

All Human Scale Guide
Including the following sizes/scales:- 6mm (1/300), 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm(1/72), 28mm(1/64), 32mm, 38mm(1/48), 40mm, 54mm(1/35-1/32), 90mm.


Horse Scale Guide
Includes the following Horse sizes/scales:-6mm (1/300), 10mm, 15mm, 28mm(1/64), 38mm(1/48), 54mm(1/35-1/32).
(We can produce the horse scale guide with others sizes/scales, just email us with your requirements and we will sort it out)

If you would like to purchase my Scale Guides please send me an email with your address and your Paypal email account and I will send you a money request. I am only accepting payments via Paypal at the moment.

Please send emails to ironmammoth AT gmail DOT com (replace the AT and DOT with @ and .).
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