Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Movie Review: Hunter Prey

I pick this DVD up in Poundland over the weekend. Now that is not usually a good indication of quality. I have fallen into the trap of buying movies in Poundland before, and to be honest they usually turn out to be virtually unwatchable. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I sat down to watch Hunter Prey. Clearly the movie was made on a shoestring budget, but the director has done a great job of working within his means and not allowed the low budget to compromise on the quality of photography, script or production design.

The story draws elements from films such as Enemy Mine and Pitch Black, with a spaceship crash landing on a hostile desert planet. The three surviving crew are tasked with recapturing a prisoner of war who escaped during the crash. Eventually the film develops into a battle of wits and individual courage, between the final crewman and the POW. Some quite sensitive subjects, such as war crimes and genocide are handled with finesse (especially for what amounts to being a low budget action movie).

Hunter Prey was filmed on location in Mexico and the desert scenery is perfect for the alien planet, in fact it was good to see that the director didn’t fall into the trap of trying to make the landscape look alien. He simply let the barren hostile environment become a natural part of the film. Even the whale bones that litter the area naturally added to the alien feel.
The photography is beautiful and the quality of the production design, although obviously working within the small budget produced costumes and the occasional interior shot that were effective and realistic.

I would have been happy to buy this DVD full price, if I had heard of the movie before, however, at the bargain price of £1 it is to good to miss.
Highly Recommended!

As a side note wargamers will quickly recognise the similarity between the aliens make-up designs in Hunter Prey and the look of the Warhammer 40K race the Tau!

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Windows 8: First Impressions

I upgraded my laptop to Windows 8 earlier this week. It all went smoothly enough, although it did take most of the afternoon…

However, I did have a fairly big problem with a bit of software that i had used regularly on the machine with Windows 7. I used Proxy Switcher Lite (PSL) when connecting my laptop to my works network. It made life so much simpler than having to mess around with proxy settings everyday.

Anyway, there seems to be a huge incompatibility issue, between Windows 8 and PSL (probably due to the fact that Windows 8 seems to deal with proxies fine natively). Basically, as soon as I even looked at PSL it corrupted my user profile. After much fiddling around I managed to rebuild my profile, then proceeded to uninstall PSL. Guess what happened next? Yes even that corrupted my profile.

Anyway, I am fully up and running now, have spent a totally unproductive day familiarising myself with Windows 8 and hopefully things will get back to normal now…

As for Windows 8 itself, it seems interesting, not sure about some of the new features yet, but generally I like it!

Monday, 29 October 2012

The Shadow Cabal: Kickstarter Campaign

I seem to have been swept up in a few crowd funding campaigns recently. They have been mainly miniatures or games related, however, this one is an independent movie that has already completed shooting and is looking for some cash to pay for some high end visual effects to finish off the project.

They have already achieved three quarters of their goal ($20,000) and still have over a month to go, so it seems fairly likely they will successfully complete the campaign.

I have always been attracted to fantasy and sword and sorcery movies. They usually turn out pretty cheesy, although occasionally there have some gems too…

The footage that has been released for The Shadow Cabal looks good enough to make it worth following, and if the special effects can add to the movie it should be well worth checking out!


Thursday, 8 March 2012

Danger 5: Australian TV show that captures everything that was 60s/70s Action TV!

Thanks very much to the Dux Homunculorum blog for bringing this new Australian TV show to my attention.
Through a little Youtube magic it has been possible to catch a few clips of this new satire show that captures everything that was 60s and 70s action TV, mix it wonderfully with a Weird War 2 theme and throw out what looks to be a really zany comedy.

In many ways it is reminicent of Garth Marenghi's Dark Place - which created the same type of satirical take on 70s hospital dramas and horror movies.

I am really hoping that a UK TV network picks this up soon.

Searching Youtube there are several more clips from the show available, I would suggest you give them a try...
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