Friday, 15 July 2011

History, the Future and where I am going...

I am just back from my summer trip south, taking my wife and sons to visit the rest of the family (which accounts for my lack of posting for the last couple of weeks).
I am back, revitalised and raring to go. I have plenty of half finished projects that I am now keen to bring to fruition, and also so plans for other projects that I think might be of interest to some of my readers.

However, I have also spent a little time reviewing the direction of the blog and how the content has been received. There has been a steady rise in visitor stats for the blog over the past year, thank you all for that, page loads for May 2011 reached nearly 13000, more that double the previous months total, and although they have tailed off a little since then, it has greatly energised my interest in maintaining the blog.

I have spent quite some time looking over the stats to understand what makes a popular post and then also trying to relate that to my aims for future posts and for my target audience (primarily sci-fi wargamers). The most popular posts on the blog in general seem to be the film and TV reviews( Sanctuary, the Conan movies, The Lost Future etc.). These seem to attract the most random hits from search engines, but I fear that they don't generate many returning visits. (i.e. people searching for reviews of The Lost Future). A lot of these page loads also come in the form of Google Image searches, and are clearly just people looking for photos of their favourite movie stars, I have no problem with that (I put the photos in mainly to attract new visitors), but it doesn't really help the blogs regular readership to grow, as most of these hits don't even load the actual blog pages, just the image they are searching for. While I enjoy writing these "media" articles, and I hope some of my regular readership gets something out of them, I don't know if they are growing the blog in the audience genres that I really want it to grow.

It doesn't take much to work out why these pictures are popular, but it is a shame that they don't attract more returning visitors.

After the "media" based blog posts, the next most popular posts seem to be the tutorials and information based items on model making and figure sculpting. In particular the laser cutting articles have generated quite a bit of interest. This is the area that I am most happy with. From the statistical results it shows that I have struck a cord with most of those articles and therefore I am happy to continue with more of the same.

Beyond that, I am still planning on running the usual mix of occasional book reviews, figure reviews, wargaming articles and artwork postings. Over the past couple of months I was regularly posting under the "Eye Candy" name, artwork, sculptures and pulp covers. I felt that the three-a-week schedule, although attracting some comments and reasonable traffic, got a little opressive. So although I will continue to post "Eye Candy", they will be a little more random. It wont be three-times-a-week, it may not even be once-a-week. It will more likely simply be when I find something I really feel deserves a wider audience.

This one is obvious Eye Candy!
If anyone has any suggestions on the direction I could take with the blog, or indeed any comments on what they like or dislike about what has come before, that would be greatly appreciated!

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