Monday, 23 May 2011

Monday Eye Candy: The Thirty Nine Steps by John Buchan (Pan Movie Edition)

The Thirty Nine Steps


A bit of a change of pace for this weeks Pulp Eye Candy. No scantily clad beauties draped across this one. No retro high-tech or fantastical images. Simply down to earth out and out adventure! The Thirty Nine Steps is one of my all time favourite books, along with the other Richard Hannay books from author John Buchan! The epitomy of quality classic spy-fy, as with many stories from the pulp era they can be criticised for racial mistreatment and possibly other “politically incorrect” attitudes, but it is important to accept them as being very much “of their time”. It is vital that they are read in their historical context and not simple as modern stories in isolation.

OK, heavy stuff out of the way and back to the book cover. Clearly this cover features Kenneth More in , in my opinion, the best adaption of John Buchan’s book. It differs widely from the book, but for pure style and class it is a most enjoyable film. If you are looking for a closer adaption of Buchan’s The 39 Steps, I would recommend the recent BBC version that aired over the 2008 Christmas period, and starred Rupert Penry Jones!

The Thirty Nine Steps with Rupert Penry Jones

Anyway, for those hoping for some slightly more attractive images, here is Taina Elg, who was the co-star with Kenneth More in the 1959 version of The 39 Steps.

The Thirty Nine Steps with Taina Elg and Kenneth More

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celawerdblog said...

I would by no means say it is a personal favorite of mine, but it is a nice, charming, short read.

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