Monday, 30 May 2011

Monday Eye Candy: Real, Late 50’s / early 60’s


I have been meaning to dig out my colonial gaming figures and start painting my Camel corps. for sometime (there is never enough time), and recently I started dipping in to my copy of Go Strong into the Desert by Lt. Col. Mike Snook. So while hunting through my pulp artwork folder for something to post today, when I came across this one it felt about right. Perfect for stirring some colonial spirit. OK, the outfit may not be exactly historically accurate, but she is wearing a pith helmet and the colonial types are clearly outnumbered by the local natives, what more could you want…

I couldn’t track down a date for this cover, so if anyone can help me on that I would be glad to amend this posting with the correct info!

Anyone interested in a little more realistic colonial artwork could do far worse than picking up Mike Snook’s Go Strong into the Desert.


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