Monday, 2 May 2011

Monday Eye Candy: Planet Stories, March 1951

The Eye Candy series of posts is proving popular, so I thought I would introduce a new Monday category. On Mondays I will trawl through my immense collection of pulp magazine covers (and possibly paperback covers as well) and post a cover that I feel is particularly interesting, inspirational for wargaming, model making or just simply a fantastic piece of artwork!


Planet Stories March 1951 Cover

This is an iconic cover, catching the full beauty of pulp cover artwork. It’s a strong and sexy image, with just a hint of the sleazy quality that makes these covers so memorable. The colours are gorgeous and the text doesn’t get in the way at all!

Of course it may also help that the cover features a redhead in skin-tight chainmail wielding a battle-axe. Lets face it, who doesn’t like girls in chainmail wielding battle-axes!


Chainmail Wet T-shirt Competition?


chainmail bikini

OK, those last two photos were purely added to help drive up the page-view count. But why not…

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