Friday, 6 May 2011

Friday Eye Candy: Imee Ooi II by Leonid Kozienko

Imee Ooi II by Leonid Kozienko

Leonid Kozienko produces artwork in a wide variety of genres, not all of them to my taste (I am not a big fan of the Manga style of some of his work). However, he has done some truly beautiful landscape paintings, some interesting military sci-fi images and girl art. Stylkes range from the almost photorealistic through to frenetically energetic battle scenes, atmospheric fantasy landscapes and on to cartoonish girly sketches.

He has such a variety of styles and themes I felt it would be wrong to just show one piece of Leonid Kozienko’s artwork.

Here is a further selection of his work (excluding some of his more adult themed girl art):-

Barbossa by Leonid Kozienko

Braveheart Fight by Leonid KozienkoWarhammer 40K artwork, Chapter War by Leonid Kozienko

Fantasy Princess by Leonid KozienkoHold Your Ground by Leonid Kozienko

Samurai Landing by Leonid KozienkoWarming Up by Leonid Kozienko

Leonid Kozienko has his own webite, but it appears that he prefers to use his Deviant Art Gallery. Just bare in mind that some of his images definitely would not impress your grandmother, and can probably be considered “Not Safe For Work” (NSFW).

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