Friday, 27 May 2011

Friday Eye Candy: Celtic Guardian by Tad Meisenheimer

Celtic Guardian by Tad Meisenheimer

A bit if a change from the usual choice here, this is a much more graphical work. I really like the interplay of the colours, and the addition of the blue motif at the top of the cross is really quite striking.

Tad has a mixed gallery over at Deviant Art, with a lot being fractal work and also photography. However his entries into the fantastical side of digital painting are can be quite enchanting.

Here is another of Tad Meisenheimer’s paintings, called Oblivion City, I was originally going to post this one as my choice, but as I have already focused on a post apocalyptic cityscape a few weeks ago, I went with Celtic Guardian instead.

Oblivion City by Tad Meisenheimer

Monday Eye Candy is Pulp themed, offering beautiful artwork to inspire and amuse!

Wednesday Eye Candy is sculptural, offering some of my favourite figure sculpts and models!

Friday Eye Candy features painting and visual images that capture the imagination and offer inspiration!

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