Friday, 20 May 2011

Friday Eye Candy: The Black Arrow by David Demaret

The Black  Arrow by David Demaret

I have a slideshow set up for my desktop wallpaper on both my laptop and my desktop PC’s. I keep a folder set aside specifically called Wallpapers. It is full of several hundred paintings and photos. A good proportion of those are space art, whether it be astronomical photos (or paintings) or science fiction scenes like this one. I find that there is something very moving and really quite calming about looking at space art.

Now clearly this painting by David Demaret has a lot more going on that simple “space”. The composition is elegant, the use of colour is well thought out, although possibly a little burned out for my taste, and the general majesty of the scene, with the huge ships sweeping through the asteroid field is wonderful.

Here are a few of David Demaret’s other works…

Interceptors by David DemaretRun by David Demaret

I Mother Earth by David Demaret

For more of David Demaret’s work check out his blog, Moonchild!

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