Thursday, 3 March 2011

It’s about time I mentioned the forthcoming Conan movie!

I have been a fan of Robert E Howard’s writings since the mid 1970s, and so I am always intrigued when some new REH related items come along.

Also, somewhat controversially in REH fandom, I really enjoyed the original Conan movie (Conan The Barbarian, I baulk at the thought of the second movie, Conan The Destroyer, which was basically horrible) and Solomon Kane. So I have been following the developments of the new Conan movie with some interest.

Empire coverEmpire Conan

Just recently the publicity campaign seems to have ramped up a notch, there is an article in the new issue of Empire magazine, and also just released is a Motion Poster, which really catches a Frazetta-esque kind of atmosphere. The Motion Poster takes a few seconds to start, so be patient…


Things are really looking interesting for this movie, I doubt it will live up to expectations, but one never knows….


Thanks to The Ultimate Conan Fan Blog and  Conan The  Movie Blog, for keeping us all up to date and digging up the wonderful photos…

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