Monday, 22 November 2010

Blog Stats and Popular Subjects?

I have just recently started to check the Stats for this blog, and discovered which of my posts are the most popular.

I tried an experiment last week with my Sanctuary post. It was driven not only by my liking of the show, but also based on some observations by The Acrobatic Flea, on his blog Heropress. The basic thing is that photos of attractive people drive up site visits. So with that in mind I specifically included photos and name drops for three of the female leads (all of which could be described as "hotties") Amanda Tapping, Agam Darshi and Emilie Ullerup, and a couple of the male leads Robin Dunne and Ryan Robbins, which I would assume would achieve the same result for the opposite sex!

The test has so far proved marginally succesful, with my Sanctuary posting proving to be slightly more popular than most of the others. However, I am still finding that a posting I made two years ago get by far the highest number of daily visits even now. That piece entitled The ethics of "War Toys"! gets a massive number of hits compared to my other pieces, by a factor of 10!

So what is it about "The Ethics of War Toys!" that attracts so many hits? I am assuming that it probably has something to do with the combination of the words ethics and war, and possibly toys that does it. It could also be partly down to the inclusion of a photo of some plastic toy soldiers (Army Men to our American cousins).

It is in some ways quite annoying that an article I wrote two years ago still get far more hits than anything I have written since. If I can find the magic formula, maybe I will start using more of it's elements in future postings.

By the way, this article is also going to become part of my experimenting with popular subjects, as it features key words from the most popular postings on my blog, but I am also going to specifically not including any photos.


The Acrobatic Flea said...

Ha ha, at least people are coming to your site to read an intellectual piece of text - even if it is two years old.

I think I 'lucked out' by swiping, from somewhere, a particularly 'rare' picture of Amanda Tapping and that's what draws more people, each day, than any other item on HeroPress.

To be honest, sometimes I think I could just stop writing blog entries now and I'd still be getting 200+ hits a day... almost entirely by people ogling Amanda Tapping's cleavage!

Now I just need to work out how to turn hits into hard cash...

Ironmammoth said...

That is a particularly "distracting" photo of Amanda Tapping that you have there!

The Acrobatic Flea said...

And I'm beginning to suspect it's quite a rare find in her portfolio ;)

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