Thursday, 18 December 2008

Survivors Show 5

I have been a bit slow in getting around to review this episode and I think that the generally average scripting on the show is starting to take effect on me.
Thankfully next week is the finale and hopefully (going by the trailer) it is going to go out with a bang!
To be honest most of my views of the episode are very similar to Tim over at the Heropress blog, so rather than repeating most of what he has already said it is probably easier if you go read his comments HERE!
Watching this series has reminded me how much I enjoy Post-Apocalyptic stories, unfortunately this one does not stand up to most of them! From the original Survivors through things like The Ultimate Warrior and Mad Max (I must see if I can pick up the DVDs in the new year sales) to Reign of Fire, Doomsday and even Children of Men generally I enjoy them!
One that is not terribly well known but I enjoyed when I saw it years ago was No Blade of Grass! With a similar plot device to Survivors, in that a plague wipes out all wheat/grass species on Earth causing mass starvation and eventually the breakdown of civilisation.
no blade of grass_thumb[1]
No Blade of Grass is certainly worth looking out for, although I don't think it is available on DVD. I will have to do a bit more hunting on this one...
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The Acrobatic Flea said...

Thanks, as always, for the kind words (and link). And the heads up on No Blade Of Grass, that's a new one on me; I shall certainly have to try and track it down.

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