Thursday, 4 December 2008

Survivors Show 3

I was about to do a piece on episode 3 of Survivors when I read Tim at Heropress' review and it pretty much says it all:-
I will just add, that although I agree with Tim that they probably tried to cram to much into this episode, I did feel it caught my interest more than last weeks.
I felt that this was a step in the right direction, although it still has some way to go yet. I do get the feeling that there are probably going to be a lot of cliched stories ahead, but I hope that the moral and interpersonal aspects can be brought to the fore and are developed more.
I think that in a situation where civilisation has broken down in this way, there certainly needs to be a reassessment of what is needed in the way of moral fibre and "right and wrong".
As Tim says, the anti-hero character, Tom is certainly the most interesting at the moment, and assuming that the writers don't go down the cliched route and have him turn bad (worse) and bring the community down. It could lead to some interesting situations, where Tom becomes the force that holds the group together, having the guts and attitude needed to survive in a lawless world, but then revealing his past and the group having decide if they still want a murderer as such a strong binding force within it!
He is certainly showing "heroic" tendencies at the moment, and was instrumental in resolving the isolationist story in episode 3.
As for the second tier characters that seem to be struggling to find a place within the story. I think that in a real life situation like that those people would certainly be there, and a strong part of the development of the leaders of the group will revolve around how the cope with less capable individuals and how they develop the whole group to become productive and grow.

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