Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Survivors Episode 4

I enjoyed this episode, although I did feel that with the group splitting up and going in so many different directions that it would be virtually impossible for them to meet up again by the end of the show!
This week Abby set off hoping to find her son by following up a lead she got last week , and most of the rest of the group decided they liked the sound of the community that Abby found last week, so they headed out to join that group.
Still as with a lot of modern TV shows the "reset button" at the end of the episode was suitably pressed and everyone was back together, no harm done! A little disappointing that...
I did feel that a lot was skimmed over with this weeks show, the extremely fast condemnation and eviction of Al (the playboy) by the new community seemed ridiculously fast. It struck me that a community like that could not afford to throw out a fit young man quite so quickly, without at least trying to tame his "wildside" (although to be honest I hardly consider sleeping in, and a little bit of talking back to people to be rebellious). The whole thing felt rushed and would have worked much better if it had been carried over into a second episode, but no the "reset button" had to be pressed by the end of the episode!
Abby's adventure was also slightly baffling, she met up with and then spent the night with a chap (ex-army, live off the land type)whose family owned a large stately home, unfortunately the house had been taken over by a group of boys who were running wild. Abby eventually sorted out the boys problems with the house owner and went on her merry way! It seemed to me that the house and grounds and also the asset of the survival skills of the ex-army chap (not to mention the "love" interest), would all have been too valuable to not at least suggest a joining of the two groups. At the very least you would have thought that she would have planned to visit in the near future! I guess it was that dreaded "reset button" again.
No sign this week of the bio-scientists working on the cure for the virus, but looking at the trailer at the end of the show, it appears they will play a central part in the the plot of next weeks show!
All in all not great, but enjoyable, a few hard to believe moments and decisions and Max Beesley's character, the murderous Tom Price is still the most interesting, especially as they have not played him as "bad through and through" (which I had been expecting after the first show).

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