Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Survivors Part 2

In my previous post I was fairly pleased with the start of the re-imagined Survivors series.
The second episode went out last night and I get the feeling that the show fell into a pattern that will be repeated over the next few episodes.
I still enjoyed it, but I am just starting to get a feeling that I may get bored with it fairly quickly!
Both shows have finished with scenes from some un-named lab, that clearly is isolated from the plague that has wiped everyone out and also looks like it may have something to do with the origins of said plague. For me, this is possibly the only light at the end of the tunnel now as I don't really see the show going anywhere other than turning in to some new age soap opera at the moment.
The trailer for next weeks show does hint that the action may step up a notch, with a tantalising shot of a helicopter flying over the actors and the return of the government minister from the first episode, so I am hoping that my feelings about show no.2 are somewhat misleading!
Anyway, we'll have to wait and see...
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The Acrobatic Flea said...

Last night's episode was rather slow in places, wasn't it? To be honest, it's the whole post-apocalyptic idea I like and the main reason I shall be sticking with the show.

And yes, next week's teaser sure pumped up the action quotient...

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