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Quantum of Solace and Spooks(MI-5) - Some Spoilers

Quantum of Solace

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We had the chance of a baby sitter on Monday night so decided to take a trip to the cinema. With the new James Bond movie out on Friday it seemed like too good an opportunity to miss!

The film picks up almost directly where Casino Royale finished, and is in much the same gritty hard fighting kind of style. I am sure some fans of the older Bond movies will dislike this one as much as Casino Royale!

I like Daniel Craig's version of Bond, it seems more real than previous incarnations (although some of the punishment he takes is still a bit beyond belief).

However, the plot of Quantum of Solace is somewhat lacking in depth. It feels like an interlude between real stories.

It clearly is setting things up for the next film (or several films) with the new evil organisation (Quantum) taking over from SMERSH and the like,  in the older films!

It was entertaining enough and I may buy the DVD when it comes out (mainly because I have the Casino Royale DVD). On the whole though I would say that I think as far as modern spy dramas go I am much preferring the new series of Spooks (MI-5 in the US)!

So far I have only managed to catch the first two shows in the new series of Spooks (show 3 is sitting on my DVR), but as usual they are not afraid to kill off lead actors, with Adam Carter (Rupert Penry-Jones)  being blown up in the first show!


It is as hard and gritty as Quantum of Solace, but there seems to be a lot more invested in the characters! With Bond you don't get a chance to feel for the characters you just sit back and watch the action.

I must admit that I am finally starting to think that Bond is running out of steam as a major cinema franchise. I had high hopes of the re-imagined movies with Daniel Craig, but unless they can really pull a better plot out of the bag for the next movie, it is likely to be the last I watch!

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The Acrobatic Flea said...

I think you hit the nail on the head by saying this feels like a set-up for future films.

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