Monday, 10 November 2008

I visited the cinema twice in one week!

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Something unheard of in recent years.
Last Monday was Quantum of Solace (as previously reviewed), and then on Saturday morning I took No.1 son to see Kung Fu Panda (along with his grandma).
I am happy to report that all three of us had a very entertaining hour and a half! My son (4 1/2 years) managed to remain pretty interested all the way through, with minor distractions, i.e. being fascinated by the projection room window and also the dust floating in the light from said room!
Kung Fu Panda is a great little film and even Jack Black did not annoy me too much (I like him in small doses, but usually cannot handle a whole film with him in).
There is a lot of fighting in the film (well it is a Kung Fu film) but most of it is done to comedic effect. There are a couple of very dark moments that I was a little concerned about my son's reaction to, but he seemed to brush them off without a second thought!
So generally a fun film that Grandma, Dad and Son all enjoyed, and with Saturday morning cinema price (£1 per ticket for anyone) a great morning out on a cold and windy Aberdeen day!
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