Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Beastmaster TV show

I was channel hopping the other day and I happened to stop at Zone Horror. Now I don't normally go in for horror that much, I don't mind a bit of horror mixed in with Sci-fi or fantasy, but pure horror usually leaves me cold.
I check out Zone Horror occasionally just to see what's on!
BeastMaster (TV series)
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Anyway, I found a TV show called Beastmaster, which appears to be a re-working of the Marc Singer movie from the 80's that followed in the wake of Conan The Barbarian.

Being a long term Conan fan who was in his teens in the 1980's, I must admit to having a liking for tacky Sword and Sorcery movies, after watching all those "straight to video" movies that appeared with video rentals!

The Beastmaster is a barbarian character that can talk to animals and see through their eyes. He has four animals that travel with him, two ferrets (who act as his thieves) an eagle (his eyes) and a tiger (....).

Beastmaster is pretty low budget, clearly being one of those series that sprang up after the success of Hercules and Zena. Generally I can watch these cheap and cheerful TV shows for the campy, tacky storylines and the occasional cringe at terrible acting, sets and plots, however they are usually very weak can only be taken in small doses. Still I have enjoyed the couple of shows I have seen and I have set the series to record, so I guess it can't be that bad!


At the very least I think this show would be interesting to roleplayers to give them some ideas for developing adventures.

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