Tuesday, 14 October 2008


I watched the second episode of Fringe last night and I must say, although I am quite enjoying the show, it does have an awful lot of cliches and plot holes in it that are seriously detracting from my interest in the show.

I started off with the pilot last week, thinking that Fringe was some kind of "new millennium" X-Files, mixed with a bit of Outbreak and with some 21st century terrorist paranoia thrown in for good measure.


There do however seem to be an inexcusable amount of plot holes in this show. Mainly relating to the Peter and Walter Bishop characters.

Please correct me if I'm wrong, but supposedly Walter Bishop was only allowed to be released from the psychiatric institution if he was released into the care of his son, Peter. This has consequentially meant that both Peter and Walter have become part of the team.

The reason this strikes a raw nerve with me is if Home Land Security needed to see Walter Bishop, or seek his advice, surely they could overturn or get around the court order imposed on Walter, without actually having to fly to Afghanistan and bring back his son. Home Land Security / the FBI should be able to get past this MacGuffin.

I have enjoyed the first two shows, they are very much in the X-Files vain, and I will keep watching for a while yet. However if I  find it hard suspend disbelief to get over many more of these plot problems I will rapidly loose interest.

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